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Your custom mini-retreat experience awaits. A sanctuary to breathe, reflect, dream, and plan. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

In our coaching sessions, we'll design a mini-retreat tailored precisely to your unique desires and goals.  And we'll seamlessly integrate the insights and inspiration gained in your retreat into everyday life.

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Reconnect to YOU!

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Let's create your own personalized escape plan! 

Trapped by fear and exhaustion? 

Caught up in life's chaos? 

Feeling stuck in the day to day? 

My own personal mini-retreat reflection.

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All done. 

Are you sick and tired of working but you're scared to retire?

Are you so busy, you can't even think about what's next?

Have you given so much of yourself to your career, the prospect of retirement feels like you're about to jump off a cliff?

You're tired of working full-time but you still want to do something... you're just not sure what. 

You've been so busy your healthy habits have taken a back seat and you feel like a slug.  

Balancing bills is a reality, but so is the burning desire to follow your heart and do what you love.

Your honestly kinda bored.  You want to use your skills and your brain.  You don't know where you belong anymore. 

You see the end of the road and you haven't accomplished everything you wanted to do. 

You love the freedom, but the unfettered time seems to result in getting a whole lot of nothing accomplished.  You miss structure.

Are you feeling anxious about this next chapter of your life? 

You want to retire and ...

Your retired and ...


If the answer is ... "um....maybe never," you're in good company.  If you're like most women our age, you've been focused on everyone and everything but yourself ...

When was the last time you took time out of your routine to rest, reflect on your life and ponder what you want in this next chapter? 

We've been conditioned to put others first, to prioritize the needs of our loved ones, and to juggle multiple responsibilities. 

But in the midst of caring for everyone and everything around us, it's easy to lose sight of our own desires, dreams, and well-being.

Your demanding job.

Your aging parents.

Your children and grandchildren.

The never ending to-do list.

The news.

Your distractions: comfort food, happy hour, binging netflix, online shopping.

The latest crisis.

...and it's not your fault.

What if you had a little corner of the world that's all yours, where you can take a breath, get centered, reflect, and focus on what comes next?  That place is your own personal mini-retreat. It's your ticket to getting ready for this next chapter in your own unique way!

And I can help you do just that! 

Let's design your own unique personalized mini-retreat! 


Reconnect To You: Personalized Mini-Retreat Coaching 

It's a brief but impactful break designed for self-reflection, rejuvenation, and personal growth.  This experience can be life-changing, especially when we're embarking on a life transition.

We create a dedicated time and space, whether at home or away at a serene location, where you can disconnect from your daily routine and responsibilities and focus on you. During this process, you set intentions, engage in activities that promote relaxation and mindfulness, and explore your inner thoughts and desires, and plan for the future.

A mini-retreat offers a precious opportunity to rest, recenter, recharge and gain clarity, ultimately leading to a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration and well-being.

So, what's a personal mini-retreat?

Here's What you get

First, we'll get clear on your intention for this transformative experience! Together, we'll nail down all the logistics of your tailor-made retreat:

In this session, we'll design your personalized guide with everything you need to experience a nourishing and rewarding retreat.  This guide includes things like:

It's easy to return from a mini-retreat refreshed and inspired,  only to slip right back into the same old patterns and routine.  And, lose the momentum you've gained. 

In coaching session #3, you'll process your retreat experience and determine next steps and create a clear plan so you can keep the momentum going. 

The budget

The right timing

The perfect location

The structure

What to pack

Imagine marking the date on your calendar, and letting the world know it's ME time

Meal planning

Personalized journal prompts

Educational Materials

Personal Assessments

Creating a sacred space 

Here's how it works







Are you intrigued by the idea of meditation but you tried it and thought "forget this?"  If so, this bonus is for you.  This bonus includes a series of brief, personalized audio-guided mindful moments, carefully crafted to bring tranquility to your retreat and everyday life.

Each 1-2 minute guided meditation is designed to help you cultivate calm, focus, and awareness, making mindfulness an easy part of your daily routine. Whether at home, work, or on the go, these moments offer an opportunity for finding peace amid life's busyness.  Elevate your mindfulness with this exclusive bonus series. 

Mindful Moments: Personal Gift To You 

I want to ensure you feel fully supported along the way. That's why I offer text support throughout your retreat to address any questions or provide guidance whenever you need it.

You can focus on your personal growth and self-discovery, knowing that help and guidance are just a text message away. My goal is to make your special mini-retreat as comfortable and effective as possible, ensuring you get the most out of this transformative journey.

Concierge Service

Imagine ...

Feeling recharged with the mental "bandwidth" to make decisions about your next chapter. 

Waking up feeling inspired to change your habits instead of the daily guilt and hopelessness. 

Feeling relaxed, centered and connected to your intuition.

Feeling relieved that you made that decision you have been thinking about for months. 

Knowing what you want your next chapter to look and feel like. 

Having the time to do and experience the things you love most. 

Understanding what's important to you now at this point in your life. 

Imagine being on a transformative mini-retreat, where you are guided and supported by a seasoned nurse practitioner and wellness coach whose been around the block and truly gets the challenging journey toward balance and well-being as we move into this next chapter of our lives.  

 I've been transformed by well over 50 self-designed mini-retreats, and now, I'm here to share that journey and support you in crafting your own transformative experience.

I am a Nurse Practitioner turned Wellness Coach for Retiring Women.  And, I have been there ...

In my mid 50s, I found myself at a crossroads.  I was burnt out.  Living for the weekend.  I wasn't taking care of myself.  I wanted to retire.  But, I had no idea what this next chapter of my life would look like.  I felt lost, confused and anxious. 

It was time for a mini-retreat! 

I've been designing and going on personal mini-retreats for most of my adult life. I got the inspiration from the spiritual, work and wellness retreats I had attended in the past.

 My mini-retreats vary depending on what is going on in my life: I may rest and relax, get back on track with my healthy habits, reconnect with my intuition, figure out an solution to a problem, or plan my future. 

This particular mini-retreat was special.  I needed direction. I had some decisions to make!  I got away, rested and nourished my body. I got centered and mindful and in touch with my intuition. I created mental space, brainstormed and explored options.  And in the end, I knew exactly what I wanted to do next.  And that experience led me to you!

Hi!  I'm Gayla  ...

All Done

"I signed up for Gayla Beyer’s coaching sessions to gain perspective on my personal challenges, especially as I age and deal with Parkinson's Disease. Gayla's approach focuses on recognizing behavioral patterns and identifying strategies for living with and building from them. Unlike therapy, her coaching is centered on providing tools and support to manage life's normal stresses, and she doesn't diagnose or label. Gayla's upbeat, open-minded, and attentive nature is reaffirming, and the post-session notes she sends are a valuable resource for continued progress. I highly recommend her services."

pamela L

"Gayla's upbeat, open-minded, and attentive nature is reaffirming, and the post-session notes she sends are a valuable resource for continued progress. I highly recommend her services."


Are you ready to experience all the inspiration and support of a guided retreat for a fraction of the cost?   


Let's Do It



Let's do it

Join me on this journey of self-discovery. It's your opportunity to take the first step toward a more fulfilling next chapter. Let's embark on this meaningful journey together.


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A personal mini-retreat is right for you if... 

you're stressed out and long to feel rested and recharged.

you want to get back to building your healthy habits. 

you feel lost and you want to feel centered and reconnect with your intuition.

You want to stop the analysis paralysis and rumination and make a decision.

You long to rest and recharge and be present and play! 

You want to get clear on what's next. 

You love the idea of going on a guided retreat but it just isn't in your budget.

You want the time and space to do what you love to do. 

You are intrigued about spending some alone time but your not quite sure what you'll do with yourself.

You want to be more more present. 

"My coaching journey with Gayla was incredible. I was at a crossroads in my career and feeling lost. Gayla guided me through this challenging time, and the results were truly remarkable. With her help, I gained clarity and confidence in my goals. She empowered me to dig deep within myself, and the support and accountability she provided were invaluable. I can't recommend Gayla enough – she's a fantastic coach who knows how to unlock your potential and help you achieve your dreams."

Shilpa K

"She knows how to unlock your potential." 

  • want to experience an amazing retirement but have no idea what that looks like.

  • know what they want their retirement to look like but you don't see a path forward.

  • are taking steps toward living their retirement dreams, but you are frustrated by roadblocks. 

This program is designed for women who...

You need a clear plan to help you move into your retirement feeling with confidence and ease. Through “My Program” you will be know yourself deeply, you will be in your optimal health, and you will craft a clear plan for your retirement 


The answer is no!  I'm an introvert, so I like to go on my mini-retreats solo.  But, you can have an amazing mini-retreat with a family member, good friend, or small group.  The key will be to have all participants on the same page out the intention and the expectations of the retreat.   *** I offer a 20% discount for each member of a small group. 

i am an extrovert. do I have to do this solo?

Since your mini-retreat is personalized, your budget is completely up to you.  If you get away, your largest expense would be your lodging.  If lodging cost is a deal breaker, you could retreat at home or maybe at a friend's house.  Some may want to add spa services such as a massage or facial, or go out to a nice meal. 

HOW MUCH DOES A MINI-retreat cost?

This mini-retreat is individualized to your specific needs.  My recommendation is to allow for a 2-4 days.  That way you have at least one full day for your retreat.  That said, if time and resources don't make that possible, you can still have an amazing mini-retreat by devoting a full day .

How much time will I need to devote to the MINI-RETREAT?

Some women find thier home a sanctuary, while others find it helpful to get away from the every day environment.  I personally find it helpful to get away.  But, there have been times when that was not possible and I created a beautiful mini-retreat right at home.   So the answer is YES! 

Can i have a mini-retreat at home?



This is common for us women who spend so much time focusing on everybody else.  And this is something we talk through in the first coaching session.  This retreat is completely personalized so we can modify the retreat to your comfort level.  And remember, I will just be a text away! 


I want you to embark on your journey to self-discovery with confidence, and I understand that circumstances can change. Therefore, I offer a straightforward return policy for your Personalized Mini-Retreat Coaching Program.  I offer a full refund within 14 days of signing up for the program. If, for any reason, you are unable to utilize the coaching services provided in your personalized mini-retreat, we cannot offer refunds for the unused portion of the program.

i want you to love it






I am excited to get started on my mini-retreat! 




Reg $297