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    From confusion to confidence, illuminate your path to a fulfilling next chapter!

    Hi, I'm Gayla

    I help them craft a clear plan and optimize their health — so they can step into this next chapter with energy, ease, and excitement.

    Many women over 50 have big hopes and dreams for retirement that are stifled by their belief that it's just not possible. 


    Hi, I'm Gayla.

    Many women over 50 have big hopes and dreams for retirement that are stifled by their belief that it's just not possible. 

    I help them craft a clear plan and optimize their health, so they can step into this next chapter with energy, ease and excitement. 

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    You've worked hard to get to this point.  And you want a fulfilling retirement.  But, you wonder about your health getting in the way.  I mean what good is planning and saving for retirement if you can't enjoy it?

    You have been so focused on your career, you aren't clear on what retirement looks like.

    You're taking steps to move forward with your dream retirement, but you keep coming up against frustrating roadblocks.

    You know what you want for your retirement, but you don't see a path forward.

    You deserve to do everything you desire in your retirement: to hike in the national parks, to travel the way you want, to write books, to start a retirement business, to take up a meaningful cause, to play pickle ball or golf. Without health issues getting in your way.   


    I'm Gayla Beyer, and I've spent the past 15 years helping women like you optimize their health. First as a nurse practitioner and now as a coach. 

    And, I've created, Retire Your Limits,™ a personalized, holistic, mindfulness based program to help you get clear on your retirement vision, live a healthier lifestyle, optimize any health conditions and create a personal retirement plan so you can spend the best years of your life experiencing the wonders of this world, expressing your creativity, and fulfilling your dreams.  

    READY to make your retirement dreams come true?

    I believe we have many vibrant years left on this planet to play, create, explore, and share our wisdom and gifts.  

    This next chapter of our lives is a new beginning.  A fresh start!  Our careers are winding down. Our children are grown.  We are a more financially stable.  

    It's time to say "my turn!"  To say YES to putting yourself first and focusing on your health. To say YES to feeling energetic and free.  To say YES to planning the retirement you have been dreaming about. 

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    Retire Your Limits™ 

    Living mindfully.
    Living a healthy Lifestyle.
    Living your retirement dream.

    "Gayla’s welcoming smile and demeanor confirms you are now in a safe zone. No fat-shaming, but lots of wisdom and encouragement. She celebrates even the small victories which has enhanced my confidence that ‘this is going to work out well’.

    She always had peer reviewed research to support what she is sharing. Ask her anything and she can find the answer. And she keeps it simple. This has been a great journey!" 

    denise M

    I had a great coaching experience working with Gayla. Prior to the coaching sessions, I was struggling to make a choice towards my next career goals. I was confused and was seeking some help and guidance about a difficult choice I was about to make.

    After the coaching sessions, I felt a shift in my mindset and gained more clarity towards my goals. Gayla helped me to dive deep into my thought process to find answers within myself. She helped me feel confident and also provided me with the accountability and support I was looking for.

     I highly recommend working with Gayla. She knew exactly how to tap into the hidden potential of my mind and helped me gain clarity, confidence, and vision to reach my goals. She is a great coach. 


    I joined Gayla Joy’s health coaching program because I struggled with fatigue for many years. Also I am someone who really needs accountability when working on making changes in my life. Gayla has been a wonderful partner as we worked together over the last several weeks.

    When you start the program, she likes to find out your best learning style. Turns out I am very visual. With some exercises, she has helped me create a vision board on my computer . She also worked with me visualizing my ideal healthy life. I will be walking on the beach, listening to the waves, feeling the wind at my back. 

    Having that vision keeps me on track with my health and life goals, especially when it gets tough. Good health is a lifelong journey for me. With the Information I learned in this program, I am looking forward to a long happy one!"

    Mary T


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     Are you still experiencing hot flashes? Night sweats interrupting your sleep?  Can't lose weight? Worried about your bone health?  Most retiring women are experiencing some of these post-menopausal symptoms. 

    Did you know that what you eat can impact these symptoms.  I'm excited to introduce, "Flavors of Change: Recipes for this Next Chapter!" a carefully curated collection of recipes designed to support women like you through this transformative phase of life.  

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