The podcast for retiring women.  This podcast is about putting YOU first.  Rewriting the rule books,  challenging the norms and redefining what it means to retire.  


Retire Your Limits

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I speak with guest experts in the fields of health and wealth as well as inspiring women who are redefining retirement on their own terms. 

from topics like money, health, menopause, passion careers and relationships.

you're too afraid to say

We're here to break the barriers and talk about everything that

Are you overwhelmed about moving into this next chapter of your life? 

The REtire Your Limits Podcast

Living a Legacy:   Writing and Resilience in the Face of Parkinson's 

From Setbacks to Success: a new paradigm for your financial future. 

Mindful Transitions: Tapping into the unconscious mind.

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I'm sharing all my learnings so you can move into this next chapter with confidence and ease. 

I help women in the various stages of the retirement transition to find themselves feeling lost, overwhelmed, disappointed and confused about this next chapter of their lives.  Togehter, we cut through the confusion, build healthier habits, optimize health conditions and plan a dream retirement. 

Hey, I'm Gayla. Nurse practitioner turned wellness coach for retiring women.  

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