I have been thinking about creativity in this next chapter of retirement. This new beginning, can be a magical time of discovery, exploration and sharing. We have the time and freedom to be curious. To see where an idea, a moment, a whim takes us. To explore our creativity. To share ourselves authentically. Maybe you […]

What Sparkling Jewels Are Just Waiting To Be Discovered?

Do you have a “committee in your head” giving you all sorts of unsolicited unhelpful advice when it comes to reaching your health goals? Most of us at one time or another have been hindered by these committee members:  These committee members are ….just thoughts in our head! We have thousands and thousands of negative […]

3 ways to stop ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) From Sabotaging Your Health Goals.

This is a common question when thinking about retiring. For many of us, the biggest change about retiring or moving into this next chapter is owning our time. We have never had free time like this before. We have been busy with our education, raising families, our careers. But, now we have the freedom to […]

What Will I Do All Day? 12 Ideas for Women in Early Retirement.

As we plan for retirement, it’s natural for our health to take center stage in our thoughts. We dream of a retirement filled with happiness, joy, and good health. We long for a pain-free existence. To be free from chronic diseases. We want to spend our hard-earned retirement savings on enjoyment and family, rather than […]

6 tips for a Happy and Healthy Retirement.

Have you ever found yourself bored or stressed at work, pondering retirement and asking some fundamental questions? What’s the grand plan for the rest of my life? Why do I feel like something’s missing? Why is everything spiraling out of control? Trust me, you are not alone.  I remember I was sitting at my work computer, staring at the screen, and this wave of sadness came over me. I felt lost. Like my life was off track. I was in my 50s. A nurse practitioner working full-time in a busy clinic. Retirement was on the horizon. I was burnt out at my job and living for the weekend. The exhaustion was real. And I desperately craved a change. But, I had no clue where to begin.

Unlock your Retirement Dreams: 5 Tips for Self Aware Planning.

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